HAY has launched the About A Chair 2.0 collection in a wide range of contemporary new colours. Furthermore, the entire collection has been updated with seats that are now entirely made from 100% recycled post-consumer plastic. The collection remains relevant with HAY's characteristic fresh and playful approach to colour. Besides numerous colours, the collection is also available in various textile options. Get inspired and give your interior a fresh new look!

AAC 20 chairs in soft brick 2.0 with a black base

AAC 222 chairs in slate blue 2.0 with the lacquered oak base

AAC 12 chairs in white 2.0, with the lacquered oak base

AAC 22 chairs with front upholstery in Mode colour 002, the shell in azure blue 2.0 and the lacquered walnut base

The About A Chair collection by HAY, designed by Hee Welling, is one of HAY's most versatile furniture series. It started with a chair and grew into a collection with almost limitless possibilities, demonstrating that one strong idea can encompass numerous development opportunities. Today, the About A Collection consists of four different series: About A Chair, About A Stool, About A Table, and About A Lounge. Together, these series include dining and conference chairs, office chairs, bar stools, lounge chairs, tables, a footrest, and a sofa, all equally suitable for private, professional, or public environments.

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