Colour name: Black
Colour name product: Black
Depth: 30
Designer: Thomas Bentzen
Diameter: 30
Height: 36,5
Material: Recycled polypropylene
Width: 30

Care & Maintenance

Nothing feels better than a clean desk. Always use a clean, soft and grit-free cloth to reduce chances of scratching the surface of the surface. Do not hose down the surface. Instead use a cleaner-moistened lint-free glass wiping cloth for dirt removal and another one for wipe off and polish drying. Spray the cleaner not directly on the surface but on the cloth instead.
HAY's Shade Bin in black is designed by Thomas Bentzen. This design waste bin with matching lid is made of durable polypropylene and is available in different cheerful colours. The design of this design waste bin is not like a regular waste bin. Therefore, this beautiful waste bin can be used for multiple purposes. Use the Shade Bin to dispose of your office waste. Use it to store your umbrellas or gift-wrapped paper.

Thomas Bentzen

Thomas Bentzen Thomas Bentzen is a Danish designer who owns his own industrial design studio in Copenhagen. His designs are characterized by simplicity, rationality and functionality. You can describe him as a methodical designer, who seeks to create fine-tuned products that are both engaging and durable. With simple and narrative designs, he creates meaningful products for everyday life. He is also a ...
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Shade Bin black