Collection: Pyramid
Designer: Wim Rietveld

Care & maintenance

  • Immediately blot spilled liquids on fabric with an absorbent cloth by gently dabbing towards the center of the stain.
  • Wipe wood with a clean cloth moistened with water or a solution of water and neutral detergent. Remove soap residue immediately with a clean, dry cloth.
  • Avoid using abrasive cream or scrub pads on wood as they can scratch the surface.
  • If the surface is scratched or looks dull, use a care product specifically suitable for wood.
  • Avoid placing the furniture in direct sunlight or near a strong heat source to reduce changes. Wood is a natural material and will change in colour and patinate over time. HAY only uses high-quality fabrics, but all fabrics fade and seams weaken when exposed to sunlight or strong heat.
  • This information is a general guideline. Please contact our customer service or one of our stores for specific maintenance instructions.
The Pyramid Collection (1959) is a little bench that is originally designed by Wim Rietveld while he worked at Ahrend. The collection has been relaunched by HAY & Ahrend. Pyramid Bench 12 can be used as a low side table or seating solution in a wide variety of domestic or corporate contexts.

Wim Rietveld

Wim Rietveld Wim Rietveld was a famous Dutch industrial furniture designer. Before becoming head of design at Gispen in 1953, he studied at The Hague Academy in 1950. Rietveld was brilliant at balancing functionality and aesthetics and devising simple production techniques. An object was in his eyes successful if it was in good shape, solid, practical and cheap. He always worked closely with the Ahrend group. ...
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Pyramid bench 12