Discover the power of smart storage with HAY. Our shelves, coat racks, storage boxes, and trays are not only designed for space optimization but also offer organisation, protection, and a touch of colour to your home. A tidy environment reduces stress and enhances the efficiency of your daily routine. Furthermore, you extend the lifespan of delicate items and create a welcoming atmosphere for visitors. Experience the convenience of organized living with HAY.

HAY's Colour Storage is available in various colours, sizes, and shapes, and they are perfect for storing loose items and paperwork. Add a touch of colour to your home and office with these versatile storage boxes.

HAY's Shelving Units are made from powder-coated steel in various contemporary colours. Display your tableware in them, use them as bookshelves, or store food in them in the pantry.

The Knit Coat Rack is a true eye-catcher in any entrance, bedroom, or public spaces. Its name is derived from the knot shape on which you can hang your belongings. Available in four variations.

The HAY Colour Crates offer an infinite number of possibilities for storing items, and these possibilities have recently been further expanded with the addition of lids and wheels.

The Kaleido trays in various geometric shapes and colours can be endlessly combined and used for storing small items you don't want to lose sight of. Additionally, there are numerous other uses such as serving food or placing candles on them.