Colour name: Red
Colour name product: Red
Depth: 19,5
Designer: Clara von Zweigbergk
Material: Steel
Width: 33,5

Care & maintenance

  • Do not strike glass with hard or pointed items. Do not use glass as a chopping board.
  • When cleaning glass, use a damp cloth with a suitable neutral cleaning detergent or a mild glass cleaner.
  • Wipe plastic with a clean cloth wrung in water or in a solution of water and a neutral detergent.
  • Wipe stains on powder-coated steel with a clean, damp cloth or use a solution of water and neutral cleaning agent.
  • Do not use scouring cream or scouring pads, as they may scratch the surface.
  • This information is a general guideline. Please contact our customer service or one of our stores for specific maintenance instructions.
Clara von Zweigbergks background as a graphic designer is clearly evident in her Kaleido tray collection for HAY, where her intuitive sense of colour combination manifests itself in a myriad of shapes and shades. This series of steel, geometrically-shaped trays can be used individually as bursts of unexpected colour or stored inside each other to create functional and imaginative constellations. This version: Kaleido M in red

Clara von Zweigbergk

Clara von Zweigbergk Clara von Zweigbergk is a Swedish graphic designer and art director from Stockholm. She studied at the Beckmans School of Design in Stockholm and continued studying at Art Centre College of Designing in the USA. She has a great interest in paper, colour, typography and form. She also has a great sense for colour. After working in Milan for a few years, she returned back to Sweden to set up her own...
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Kaleido M red