Colour name: Light grey
Colour name product: Light grey
Depth: 37,5
Designer: Big-Game
Height: 62,5, 62.5
Material: Polypropylene
Width: 57,5

Care & maintenance

  • Good ventilation is essential for maintaining bathroom products.
  • Dry the products with a clean cloth after using the bathroom.
  • Regularly wash bathroom textiles and pay attention to the washing instructions.
  • Clean mirrors with a soft, lint-free cloth or a microfiber cloth. Use a mild glass cleaner or a mixture of water and vinegar to remove stains and fingerprints.
  • This information is a general guideline. Please contact our customer service or one of our stores for specific maintenance instructions.
Basket l light grey
HAY's Basket in light grey is designed by BIG-GAME. With this handy modern storage solution your clothes will never lie on the floor anymore. A tidy room is guaranteed! This design laundry basket is available in two sizes and different colours. Basket's graphic lines and subtle colours create a versatile and visually appealing storage basket suitable for keeping all kind of objects tidy and organised. Made in a sturdy blend of recycled PP and available in several sizes, it can be used in any room in the house.


Big-Game BIG-GAME is a design studio based in Lausanne, Switzerland, founded in 2004 by Grégoire Jeanmonod, Elric Petit, and Augustin Scott de Martinville. This trio of designers combines a relaxed South European approach with a kind of Flemish functionality, which has earned them international design awards. They prefer simple, functional objects and have designed the Sunday cutlery and Basket f...
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Basket l light grey
Basket L light grey