Breedte: 80
Collection: Eiffel
Designer: Depping and Jakob Jorgensen
Diepte: 40
Hoogte: 182
Material: Powder coated aluminium

Care & maintenance

  • Wipe wood and powder-coated steel with a clean cloth moistened with water or a solution of water and neutral detergent. Remove soap residue immediately with a clean, dry cloth.
  • Avoid using abrasive cream or scrub pads as they can scratch the surface.
  • If the surface is scratched or appears dull, use a care product specifically designed for the respective material.
  • Avoid placing the furniture in direct sunlight or near a strong heat source to reduce changes. Wood is a natural material and will change in color and patinate over time.
  • Regularly dust the furniture to maintain its appearance and cleanliness.
  • This information is a general guideline. Please contact our customer service or one of our stores for specific maintenance instructions.
Eiffel Shelf is part of HAY's Eiffel collection. This industrial shelving unit is based on a simple layering principal. Depping & Jørgensen have created a flexible and multifunctional range of shelving units and tables. The shelving systems and tables are available in diverse colours, heights and shapes, making them suitable for use in a wide range of private and public contexts.

Depping and Jakob Jorgensen

Depping and Jakob Jorgensen Line Depping and Jakob Jørgensen are Danish designers who combine their powers to design specific furniture projects. They also have their own individual studio. They met during their studies at the School of Design at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. Both designers love to work with their hands. They mostly work with wood in combination with other materials. Their goal is to create a simple...
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Eiffel shelf rectangular warm sand