Looking for unique design pens and pencils? At HAY.nl you can find an extensive collection of beautifully designed stationery. Order your favourite items at HAY.nl and, starting at €30,-, we will deliver the products to your home or office for free to the Netherlands and Belgium.



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Bullet by HAY is a sleek, ink-filled pen. Although this golden pen is not refillable like the classic fountain pens, it feels equally perfect in your hand with its weighty metallic feel. This pen is available in gold and rainbow colour. This pen is a true piece of art and will look beautifully on your desk!

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Work comfortable, efficient and enjoyable with HAY

Nowadays we all spend a lot of hours a day behind our computer: in the office, but also at the home office. At HAY we know everything about it and because of that we offer a wide range of office supplies. These office supplies will make your time behind a desk as comfortable, efficient and easy as possible. Our collection of office accessories includes coloured storage boxes, gold scissors, unique notebooks, pencils and pens. Several talented designers have been asked to design a unique, recognizable and modern design collection at an affordable price.


Our collection of stationery consists of colourful, recognizable and uniquely styled items. One of our bestselling office supplies is the Bullet pen. Bullet is a nicely crafted, sleek pen with black ink in a gold or rainbow finish. Writing fun guaranteed!

Unique Pencils & Pens

At HAY.nl you can find different pencils, such as Suits Pencil, Swirl and HAY pencil No. 5. These pencils will be a real eye catcher are on your desk! The colourful Candy Pen consists of two colours. Writing will be a lot more fun with these funky pens.


You don’t exactly know what you’re looking for or would you like to see the stationery first in real life before making a purchase? No problem, because at HAY we are more than happy to help you! You're welcome to in one of our HAY stores in Amsterdam or Rotterdam.

Online: Fast en Easy

Pencil or ballpoint pen? Order your favourite stationery items online in our webshop, easy does it! We offer the entire HAY stationery collection in our webshop. Also notable: starting at €30,-, HAY.nl delivers the office items to your home for free to the Netherlands and Belgium.