Food Storage

Looking for design food storage products? At you can find an extensive & minimalistic collection. Order your favourite items via and, starting at €20,-, we will deliver it to your home for free.


Food Storage

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€ 15.00

HAY’s Ice Cube Tray holds 8 or 12 extra-large ice cubes and has a simple, compact design. Crafted in flexible and durable silicone for easy removal and cleaning. Dishwasher safe.

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€ 49.00

HAY's Panier is designed by Inga Sempé. These metal baskets are available in different shapes and colours and are food-safe. Panier is designed as a bread basket, but is also suitable for storing other items.

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€ 99.00

HAY’s Swirl Bowl is a shallow terracotta bowl featuring a swirling design in contrasting colours. The marbled effect is hand painted, so there are no two patterns alike.

Note: every bowl is unique and may differ from the shown image.

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€ 10.00

Designed by George Sowden, the Sowden Coffee Tin is a colourful stainless steel container with an airtight lid that is suitable for coffee and other dry foods. Available in a variety of colours.

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€ 18.00

Clara von Zweigbergk combines her innate sense of colour with a simple oval shape to create a series of slim but distinctive trays for HAY. Looking for design-full and minimalistic breakfast or dinner plates? Then you have come to the right place at HAY. The plates are made of moulded steel and equipped with a practical edge, the trays are suitable for serving food and can be used separately or together. Sizes vary from small to large in different colours.

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€ 8.00

HAY's Paquet series is a range of durable plastic items designed with optimal functionality in mind. Comprising practical clips, stackable cups and to-go coffee cups, the collection comes in pre-packed sets of different colours. One Paquet Clips set contains 18 pieces.

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€ 39.00

HAY’s Mono Thermal Bottle is a reusable drinks container that keeps liquids hot and cold. The convenient handle and wide mouth make it extra functional, while the contemporary colours and clean lines add aesthetic appeal.

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€ 19.00

HAY’s Enamel Herb Pot Brown is part of the Enamel collection: an extensive series of everyday plates, dishes and kitchenware. Featuring a distinctive speckled design on a contrasting background, it is available in a wide variety of colors, shapes and sizes.

Enamel is part of the RO collection. This collection is only available in HAY retail stores.

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Unique design

HAY’s collections consists of several pots. Laboratory Glass is made of durable, heat-resistant borosilicate glass. These glass jars can withstand extreme temperatures. The plastic lid ensures that the jar is covered and leak-proof. These glass jars are available in round and square designs. Our Japanese Glass Jar is also a handy storage item for the kitchen. Perfect to store small utensils in, such as straws or food such as rice, nuts or sweets.

Colourful storage

HAY is the place to be for colourful storage. Tin by Sowden was designed by George Sowden. These colourful stainless steel cans with airtight lids are very suitable for storing coffee and other dry foods. The tin can is available in different colours. Our Colour Crate crates are also perfect for use as storage containers. HAY's Panier bread baskets are designed by Inga Sempé. Each bread basket has its own shape and colour.

Online vs. Store

You don't exactly know what you're looking for? Or would you like to see the food storage collection first in real life before making a purchase? No problem, because at HAY we are more than happy to help you! You're welcome to in one of our HAY stores in Amsterdam or Rotterdam.

Online: fast and easy

Are the shops closed and you don’t need our advice or any of the physical stores? Order the products online in our webshop, easy does it! We offer the entire HAY kitchen collection in our webshop. Also notable: starting at €20,-, delivers the items to your home for free.

Looking for a nice and affordable HAY kitchen items online? Maybe you can find your dream copy in our outlet for a nice price. We often update it with new products, so make sure to check regularly.