Choosing a dining table can be a difficult choice. Are you going for
a round or a rectangular version? The shape of a
table can determine the space. We give you tips for choosing the
right dining table.

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HAY tafels Pyramid

Decide the room

Are you about to buy a dining table? First consider what kind of room the table will be in and how many people you would like to have at the dinner table. Determine whether there is enough room for your minimum number of people at the table. Also include the space for the dining table chairs. Can you easily sit at the table and slide it back? Can anyone pass by at the back? Once you've answered these questions, it's time to look at the sizes and shapes.

CPH 25 ronde tafel

Different shapes of tables

The tables at HAY come in different shapes and sizes. The most common shape is a rectangular table. The CPH collection and Pyramid tables are suitable tables where you can sit with many people and easily fits into a space. The shape is only less playful, but it is (usually) practical in the room. A round table can be a playful addition to the living room. Especially if you combine it with rectangular elements in the house. A round dining table takes up more space than a rectangular table.

HAY triangle tafel

Different sizes

Are you looking for a rectangular table? HAY has dining tables starting from a length of 140 cm. The width of the tables are between 85 and 100 cm. Narrow dining tables are ideal for long and narrow spaces. Do you also want to use your dining table as a workplace and is there enough room in your living room? If so, the tables from the CPH collection or New Order series are the perfect table for dining, relaxing and working at.

HAY CPH 30 tafel

CPH 30 Table

The CPH 30 table is a striking appearance in the room thanks to its sloping table legs and characteristic tabletop. This table is part of the Copenhague collection by designers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec. A rectangular dining table is easy to add extra chairs if more guests are coming to eat.

HAY Triangle Tafel

Triangle Tafel

Are you in doubt between a rectangular or round table? Go for the Triangle table. Designer Simon Jones was motivated by the desire to create more space around a round or oval table. The Triangle table owes its name to the triangle-shaped legs. Available in lacquered, oiled and soaped oak.

CPH 25 Round Table

CPH 25 Round Table

Besides rectangular tables, you can also find round dining tables at HAY. In the Copenhague collection by the Bouroullec brothers, round tables are also available in a diameter of 140 cm. Ideal for 5 to 6 people.

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Instruction manuals

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Product care tables

Do you want to enjoy your table as long as possible? Then we advise you to take good care of the HAY tables. Only use water and a cloth to clean the tables. Certain cleaners can damage wood, metal or linoleum. Do you have a linoleum table top? Linoleum is a natural product and requires proper care. Clean regularly with Monel. The cleaner reduces the adhesion of dirt and leaves fewer marks on the surface. More information about maintenance? Click here for more information.

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HAY Petit Standard

Dining chairs

The dining table is only complete with chairs. Besides the popular About a Chair chairs, you will also find the Soft Edge, Neu 13 and Petit Standard series at HAY. These dining table chairs have a tough and simple character and blend easily into any interior.

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Chair with wheels

A chair with wheels is not only useful as an office chair, but also ideal to use as a dining table chair. The AAC collection has upholstered tubs with soft padding that come with casters. This makes it easy to move the chair to the seating area for extra seating.

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