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CPH 10 Desk

The CPH 10 desk has the same restrained look and focus on functionality as the rest of the series, but instead has symmetrical legs with a more generous table top, creating a larger workspace. Available in different finishes and versions.

CPH 90 Desk Bureau

The CPH 90 desk is a classic table with a modern touch. Its compact size makes it suitable for small spaces or in a corner of the room. Available in different versions. Compose your own CPH 90 Desk.

Pyramid Tafel 01

The Pyramid 01 table is a Dutch design classic (1959) designed by Wim Rietveld and brought back on the market by HAY and Ahrend. The Pyramid 01 is available in two sizes and ideal for the office.

CPH 190 Desk

The CPH 190 desk has a tabletop with the same angled legs as the rest of the series and is split at the back, creating a convenient upright backrest for supporting notes and open books. This has the dual advantage of making the desk more compact while increasing its functionality.

Pyramid Tafel 01

The Pyramid 01 table is a Dutch design classic (1959) designed by Wim Rietveld and brought back on the market by HAY and Ahrend. The Pyramid 01 is available in two sizes and ideal for the study.

New Order Table

The New Order table can be complemented by cable management solutions, partitions and other components to enhance its functionality. Thanks to the double leg profiles, larger configurations with several tables can be created, allowing for infinite combinations.

New Order Tafel incl. Kast

New Order Table Combination 401 consists of a table linked to a shelf, creating a functional and compact workstation that offers optimum desk space as well as efficient storage options. The closed storage space is equipped with steel sliding doors and shelves that can be adjusted to the user's needs. This arrangement can be adapted to a wide range of applications and can be supplemented with cable management solutions, dividers and other components to improve functionality and organisation.

AAC 20

This beautiful About a Chair AAC20 was designed by Hee Welling and HAY. The chair has a striking and recognisable minimalist form and is very comfortable. The swivel base makes this chair perfect for indoor offices. In addition, the AAC 20 also lends itself well to use in a canteen, office space or in the dining room.

AAC 10

The About a Chair AAC10 chair lends itself perfectly to use in indoor offices thanks to its cast aluminium base. The base can also be ordered with castors, making it perfect for flexible workplaces or meeting venues.

AAC 27 Soft

The AAC 27 Soft chair offers functional simplicity and modern aesthetics tempered by the softness and warmth of the padded shell. The design features a four-legged steel base that adds a timeless and elegant expression.

AAC 155

The AAC 155 combines the high functionality of a task chair with optimal comfort and modern aesthetics. Retaining the same high backrest and generous seat that characterises the series, the base is designed with a tilting mechanism and a gas lift that can adjust the seat height.

AAC 24

The solid rounded shell and unified silhouette of the About A Chair 24 adds executive weight and brings a warm, welcoming expression to the otherwise functional and technical genre of office chairs. The stylish, functional design is combined with a elegant swivel four-star castor base.

AAC 14

Although the AAC 14 version of the About A Chair shares the same distinctive and uncluttered shell, the elegant aluminium four-star castor base casts a more functional slant that makes it perfect for more formal, corporate settings and work-at-home offices.

About A Chair Collectie

Comfort, looks, versatility and functionality. Of course, we know that we can´t tell you what the best comfort is for you, but we can give you a broad selection to choose from. That´s why we made one of the most versatile collections as possible. There are over thirty different chairs for you to go for and you get to decide on their purpose. All the chairs have one thing in common: their tub-like seat. Want to go for some extra comfort and let us upholster your chair with your favourite fabric or leather? No problem. With or without armrests, wheels, a swivel base or not, it´s all up to you.

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